Link Building Services – Learn Exactly How We Build White Hat Links

Do you want quality, white hat links that will increase your organic and referral traffic? You will be pleased to know that we perform our link building services using 100% white hat strategies.

Our link building team is based in Los Angeles, California and we pride ourselves on providing full transparency down to the last detail.

There are a lot of digital marketing agencies and SEOs that mask their deliverables. You pay them a monthly retainer and then have no inkling as to what they are doing for you.

In an effort to combat poor quality work, we wrote up an exhaustingly detailed overview of exactly what we do once you sign up to work with us.

*Throughout this long and detailed post, I have sprinkled links to resources that give a more detailed explanation of some of the concepts.

What is a White Hat Link?

A white hat link is a link obtained using strategies that focus on a human audience as opposed to trying to game the search engines. We don’t believe in tricking the system into thinking you are more legit than you actually are.

The trouble with search engines is that credible and noteworthy businesses often go unnoticed because they haven’t gained enough trust with the search engines. We will fix that.


We won’t start work until we have a crystal clear picture of your website, it’s content and traffic flow. We need to know where visitors go when they visit your site.

This starts with us accessing your Google Analytics Panel  and Google Search Console.

A screenshot of a Google Analytics panel.

The search console will enable us to audit what keywords your website ranks for and any low hanging fruit opportunities in terms of building traffic.

We then use this data to create a strategy for building links with a high ROI potential.

We will also analyze what pages are being shown (getting impressions) but not clicked on.

Content Audit

During this phase, we will evaluate the following:

Do you have any existing content? If so, will your existing content yield the results we want to achieve in terms of link quality?

If you don’t, no worries, that is where we step in and brainstorm content ideas with you.

Do you have someone writing content for you? If not, then we will utilize one of our writers to generate effective based upon the ideas we came up with.

If you are actively generating content, how are you distributing it? That could be an email list, social audience(facebook, twitter, etc), blog, etc. We obtain the best results for our clients when they are able to allocate a budget for on and off site content creation.

Link Audit

Next thing we will do is access your existing link profile to determine whether it appears natural. Do your links look suspicious (as in were they generated using methods that violate search engine rules)?

We will take a look at your anchor text ratio to see if it looks natural enough for us to build links on top of. Google’s algorithm notices when every link back to your website uses the same anchor text for the specific keywords that you want to rank for. It can set off red flags and get you penalized.

Certain ratings help us with this, including your Domain Authority, Citation Flow, Trust Flow and Page Authority. However, nothing beats our experience in determining whether a site that is linking to you is a PBN or full of spammy links.

Depending on our analysis, we might build some pillow links to dilute your ratio and ensure that your link profile appears as organic as possible.

Add Content to Targets Tab

If you have linkable content, we will add it to a Google Sheet (which you will have access to) where we aggregate the data that we compiled from our analysis in the previous steps. We will update this in real time and you will be able to access it at any point.

A screenshot of our content and keyword mappings.

Link Type Selection

Depending on your content, niche and existing link profile, we then select a few link types to target that make the most sense for your website. We won’t limit ourselves to these link types, but they will drive the core of the campaign.

For example, if your website doesn’t carry wide appeal, is overly commercial or is lacking in good content, then we will most likely begin your campaign with guest posts and sponsored posts until we develop better content.

You can read more about the link building strategies we use here.

Prospecting for Link Opportunities

We generate an exhaustive list of Google Search operators that are used to hone in on specific website targets. These operators enable us to locate very specific websites that we can then target for outreach.

An example of the search operators we use to find link targets.

In the example below, we are looking for resources page link opportunities in the soccer jersey niche. The first row shows us using the “related sites” operator, where we will perform a search for the following query:

Soccer Jersey “related sites”

This will return a list of websites that contain the keyword “soccer jersey” and also have a related sites section. We will then reach out to the contact person of the site in order to try and get the site we are building links for listed.

Campaign Plan

Now that we have conducted an in-depth analysis, we will build out a map of the campaign using our project tracking spreadsheet.

As you can see below, we assign a great level of detail to each task and keep you updated on where we are in the campaign in real time.

Link building campaign project tracker Google spreadsheet

Email Outreach

We now have a blueprint for the campaign including:

  • The keywords we will focus on
  • What link types we want to build
  • The Content we will build links for (does not apply for guest posts and sponsored posts)
  • A comprehensive list of search operators for building target lists

The next step is to compile a list of outreach target opportunities. We will update this in real time as the list will evolve throughout the campaign.

Obtaining personal contact information for the person we are targeting increases the likelihood of them responding – we try our best to find a personal email address.

Link building boils down to cultivating relationships and, as such, we will write personalized emails for each person we reach out to. People can smell when you are copying and pasting the same email template.

Furthermore, each type of link requires a unique approach strategy. To obtain a guest-post link, for instance, we want to be short and to the point:

Sample Guest Post Outreach Email

Subject Line: Contributing to Lifestyle Business Magazine

Hey Jason,

I have found a lot of great information about being an entrepreneur from your website. However, I am very knowledgeable about WordPress and think more articles on your webpage about using it for businesses would be very beneficial to your readers!

I’m sure you get load of people enquiring about this so I’ll just come out with it – I’d love to submit a post for your site.

A few ideas I had in mind:

  • Squarespace vs. WordPress – How to Decide What CMS to Use For Your Business
  • 3 Reasons Why You Should Use a Managed Hosting for Your WordPress Site

If you’re still accepting posts, please let me know and I can put together a draft for your approval.

Links to recent posts:




The heavy lifting done to initiate relationships at the onset will yield dividends throughout the length of the campaign and beyond. Multiple, quality links can come from a strong relationship with the right person.

Following Up

A majority of the targets we reach out to receive hundreds of email on a daily basis. One of the pivotal reasons for our success rate lies in our persistent follow-up. For each outreach opportunity, we will follow up at least 3 times.

Depending on the nature of your campaign, and how much you are willing to invest, we will even follow-up with outreach prospects by phone. 

Finally, we perform continuous and extensive testing on subject lines, email content, approach angles and the time at which the email is sent among other things in order to improve our results throughout all of our client campaigns.

Results & Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)

Our entire process has been refined over time to yield exceptional results tied to two key performance indicators (KPIs): referral traffic and organic traffic.

When someone clicks on one of the links we build for you, they are interested in learning more about the content behind the link. We call this targeted referral traffic.

Your organic traffic will increase as your domain and page authority increase over time due to building links on relevant websites with higher authority. As this happens your rankings for specific keywords will increase, leading to an increase in organic traffic.

Provided your website has proper conversion signals in place, both of these traffic sources are the highest quality of traffic as the people are actively seeking out your product or service on their own accord. Simply put, you will not find a better type of traffic.

Link Expectations

We typically see between 10- 20 links a month, entirely depending on what niche your site is in, what product or services you offer as well as the quality and type of content available for use.

Our outreach to link conversion rate hovers around 10%, so if we reach out to 100 opportunities, that will yield 10+ links on average.

If you are able to generate more quality content at a rapid rate, we will able to obtain more links for you.

We don’t guarantee Domain Authority, Trust Flow, Citation Flow or any other imperfect metric for the links we build. Our primary measure is the relevance of the link to your site.

Reporting & Communication

At the onset of a campaign, we will set up an on-boarding call to discuss what we need from you in terms of content.

Because our project sheet provides real-time updates with regards to every aspect of the campaign, we prefer to keep communication to a minimum. We do our best when we are executing our proven system with little distractions.

Our monthly report will include a summary of your traffic as well as any areas that need improvement including content modifications.

Requirements For Working Together

  • Trust:  You trust our system and process as we have spent a lot of time and effort honing our link building craft We took the time to write this detailed step-by-by overview to provide full transparency into our process. What you see is what you get.
  • Value: You see value in the long-term results of increasing organic traffic, whether that be increased brand exposure or increasing your bottom line.
  • Patience: You realize that link building takes time and aren’t looking for unrealistic results. You aren’t going to break even on your investment within 3 months. If you are looking for a quick return on your investment, this service isn’t for you.
  • Foundation: Prior to working together, your website either already has proper conversion rate optimization and on-page SEO in place, or you are willing to implement a plan to achieve these things. Link building only serves as one critical piece in the process of increasing your ROI. Frankly, our efforts will yield poor results with an unoptimized site and will only lead to frustration on your end.

Will This Work For Your Website?

This is one of the most common questions we get and the answer is always yes. We are able to build quality links in any niche or industry – as long as we are targeting websites in English. Why?

Two words: Calibration and testing –

  1. If the websites we are targeting aren’t receptive to your content, we will target different websites.
  2. If our outreach emails aren’t being opened, we will change the subject line.
  3. If  the targets are opening our outreach emails, but aren’t responding, we will either change the content or change our outreach messages.

And so on until we figure out what works and what doesn’t.

Happy with what you have seen so far? Get in touch below.

Alternatively, you can email us at [email protected]

Link Building Strategies

Listed below are some of our link building strategies that we regularly use depending on the client, niche and a number of other factors. Typically we won’t use more than 3 – 5 strategies for any one client.

Guest Posts

There is a misconception when it comes to guest posts. Many claim they are dead, but when done properly, guest posts can work wonders for your traffic and domain authority. Quality matters, as does the angle with which we approach the target website.

We have developed an arsenal of methods for discovering opportunities. A lot of our time is spent researching our targets to ensure that they are relevant to your product/service, can bring you traffic and have an actual following.

Once we obtain a string of posts for you, you will be able to build yourself as an authority in your field.

Broken Links

This one is simple. We scour the web for dead or broken links that are sitting on the resource pages of websites in your niche.

For example, if you own a pet toy company, we would try to claim a dead link for pet toys on a dog walking site like this

Resource Link Pages

Resource pages are dedicated pages for linking out to businesses that are related to the business of the site. These are easier to get if your product or service offers something unique and is differentiated in the market.


Bloggers and authority sites like to feature weekly or monthly best of posts featuring visit-worthy content for their readers. With strong content, we can obtain these depending on your niche and industry.

Reclaim Links

If your site has been around for a while, then there is a possibility that some of your older links are no longer working. Perhaps you changed the URL of the page being linked to or the site owner modified your link. Either way, these are pretty simple links to get.

Sponsored Posts

An elegant way of saying “we will pay you to let us post on your site”. Yes, you will need to fork over some cash to obtain a link on these sites, however, if your competition cannot afford to, you win.

Competitor Links

We research your top competitor’s link profiles to uncover pieces of content that garnered a lot of links but are outdated. We will then advise you on how to create a better piece of content which we will pitch as a replacement for your competitor’s content.

Skyscraper Posts

Our lethal weapon, these posts will require us to pull out every ounce of innovation, creativity and technique in our possession. The concept is quite simple. We research the top 3 – 5 pieces of content for a particular keyword and we then create a better version that stands so far above the others that the competition pales in comparison.

Because similar content has already proved that the subject matter has wide appeal, which we can determine by looking at the number of social shares and backlinks, this is virtually guaranteed to skyrocket your traffic for years to come. But you will need to invest into having top-notch content.